Group Order

What's Group Order?

Group Order can be expressed in many different ways, but it's simple to grasp its meaning with four key points:
  • A group order is a buying activity where a group of people joins a shared order link that they can use to place orders together
  • Each person adds their own orders to a shared online cart from their own device at the same time
  • They also get delivered together to the same location at the same time. Orders are individually packaged and labeled for easy distribution
  • The owner pays for the full cart and splits the payment among the invitees later
Basically, the feature is a tool that allows people to do group ordering with ease. We do believe that this feature will be the future of e-commerce, because group ordering is not a new practice, especially in food delivery industry now. We do believe that people who do grocery or clothing shopping are doing it frequently as well. What's lacking is something to make the process more convenient.
Group Order on DingDoong is here. Be easy to set up, user-friendly, and straightforward on the Shopify store, it is expected to be the unique feature that helps you beat your competition.
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What are the advantages of joining a group order?

From buyers' point of view:
Group Order is the best way to create an exceptional online shopping experience. Some prominent benefits buyers may get when they do group ordering with their friends:
  • Make online shopping easier for both owner and invitees
  • Save on shipping fees & purchase cost
  • Connect more with their family, friends, and colleagues
  • Get in touch directly with the store owner, not via the third party

What are the advantages of offering group order experience?

From merchants' point of view:
Group Order is expected to be an unbeatable growth strategy that merchants shouldn't pass over. Some prominent benefits merchants may get when they offer group order experience for their customers:
  • Increase customer experience
  • Increase total revenue & average order value
  • Expand customer base & appeal to more potential customers
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Save on shipping costs & staff resources
  • No need to sign up with a third party for Group Order service, merchants have control of all purchasing processes from fulfillment to payment
  • Get an opportunity for cross-border selling

How to enable Group Order for an online store?

Get started with some simple steps:
Please check our video tutorial to get a clear vision!