Before creating rules in the other primary tabs, we first look at the Dashboard Tab to get an overview of the highlight warning, setting guidelines, and order requests.

Turn on the app in the App Embeds section

If a warning message has been displayed in your dashboard section, you must activate the app in the App embeds section to ensure that the date picker widget is visible on your product page or cart page.
Follow the guide in your Dashboard to turn it on:
Activate the app in the App embeds section:
*Note: In some cases, you use a theme in which our app is unable to detect a position for your date picker widget, adding a block is highly recommended. You can also put the widget in any place you want.
Follow this video to know how to add a date picker on your product page or cart page

Start your journey with our guidelines

If you're new to the app and unsure of how to begin, our guidelines can provide a helpful starting point.

Grasp all your order details

The dashboard also offers an order overview feature that helps you stay up-to-date with all orders, allowing you to plan ahead, be ready, and never miss a single shipment deadline.
Click the "Manage Report" button to access the Order Report tab, where to manage and keep track of all your order requests in detail.
The Order Title is a prominent feature that can be clicked to open the Order Detail Popup, allowing you to view a summary of the order and check it in Shopify orders as well.
Reach out to us via the email [email protected] if you stumble upon something hard to solve. Any messages from you guys are greatly appreciated!