Don't forget to visit the storefront and test Group Order once again as the customers' flow after activating it for your online business.

Some steps to test Group Order:

Step 1: Go to your online store

Step 2: Create a group order as an owner

Step 3: Copy the order link, paste it into different browsers, and do shopping as invitees

Step 4: Review the cart

Step 5: Pick a delivery/store pickup slot (optional, skip it if you don't enable delivery date or store pickup for your online store)

Step 6: Apply discounts and check out

Please check our video demo to get a clear vision!

The demo store would be much helpful, check it out! (Password: 123)

Reach out to us via the live chat in-app or the email [email protected] if you stumble upon something hard to solve. Any messages from you guys are greatly appreciated!

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