General Settings

Navigate to the Settings tab in the tab menu and then proceed to the General section. In this section, you can configure your time zone, select the theme & position to display your date picker, and specify the initial delivery date if multiple rules are applied.

Pick your time zone

Pick your time zone. All the calendars shown at your storefront & date-time in the app will adhere to this timezone.

Decide where to put the date picker widget

You have the option to choose a theme that suits your needs and preferences for installing your app.
Additionally, you can select whether you want to display your date picker widget on either the cart page or both the product and cart pages.
You also have the flexibility to make it mandatory for customers to select a date before proceeding to checkout.

Identify a starting delivery date with multiple rules

It’s not rare that customers add multiple products to carts, each of which is activated by different date and time rules, hence different date ranges for your customer to pick.
Let’s say a customer picks 2 products to the cart:
Product A: Available from March 2 to March 5
Product B: Available from March 3 to March 7
Your job is to decide how Dingdoong settles the date ranges and display 1 date range on the date picker on the cart page where both products are available.
  • Earliest date: Your customer will be able to choose any date between March 2 - March 7
  • Latest date: Your customer will be able to choose any date between March 3 - March 5
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