Sync Orders To Google Calendar

Sync Orders To Google Calendar, this feature will help you:
  • Automatically add the order delivery date and time to your Google Calendar
  • Save your time to get all information just in one place, you don't have to log in Shopify admin many times just to check your order information
  • Give you a bird's-eye view of your entire schedule, you can manage your orders and your own personal activities at the same time, and never miss any single order or shipment deadline
  • Check & get your order delivery date notifications directly in your Google calendar app on your mobile device
Follow these steps to get the most out of the feature:
Step 1: Connect the app with your Google account
Step 2: Pick the Google account you want to connect and allow our app to access it
Step 3: The Google account connected with the app would appear as seen in the screenshot below
Switch to another account by disconnecting the old and selecting the new
Step 4: Click "Go to your calendar" to direct to your Google calendar site
The order delivery date is automatically updated in Google Calendar events. The order title is in the default format "Number order-Customer name:_"
Click the order title to open the order note popup where you may get some basic order information like delivery date&time, store pickup address,...
Click the pen symbol at the order note popup to make any changes to your order note as you wish
Check & get your order delivery date notifications directly in your Google Calendar app on your mobile device
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