Delivery Validator

Delivery validator

Delivery validator is a method to validate if the customer's area is eligible for delivery or not
On the back end, you can easily determine which zipcodes or addresses are available for delivery. The customer enters their zip code or address into the storefront widget. If his zipcode or address matches the merchant's settings, they can proceed to select their preferred delivery date and time, and vice versa.
This feature makes life easier for merchants, especially those who offer local delivery. They can improve their customers' purchasing experiences while also saving time handling orders that aren't available for delivery.

How does the Delivery Validator Widget look at the storefront?

How to activate the delivery validation feature?

The app provides four methods to check whether your customer's location is available for delivery
Go to Widget Appearance and Widget Text to set up the delivery validator widget's display, based on the preview to keep your settings on the right track
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