Delivery Validator

Delivery validator

The Delivery Validator is a method used to verify if a customer is located within your local delivery area.
It compares the zip/postal code or address entered by customers at the storefront with the valid zip/postal codes or permitted delivery areas you have established. If there is a match, customers can proceed to select their desired delivery date and time. Conversely, if there is no match, they will be unable to proceed with selecting a delivery date.
If you have multiple locations, each with different delivery settings, the zip/postal code or address entered by buyers helps identify which location is responsible for handling the order. This ensures that the order is assigned to the appropriate location based on the customer's location. The delivery date for that specific location will be adapted to accommodate the order.
A delivery area validator is required at each location offering local delivery. Customize the permitted delivery areas for each location to provide accurate options based on specific regions served.

How to validate delivery location?

If you opt to enable local delivery for a specific location, it is mandatory to select at least one method to validate your customer's delivery eligibility for that location:
Go to Widget Appearance and Widget Text to set up the delivery validator widget's display, based on the preview to keep your settings on the right track
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