Exact Postal Code Matching

Exact Postal Code Matching Method

Exact postal code matching method checks if the customer's location is eligible for local delivery by checking exactly the postal code/zip code that he put in the widget

This approach should be used if your delivery area is limited to a few postal/zip codes. In case you deliver to a large number of eligible postal codes, our Partial matching method may be a better option

How Does The Exact Postal Code Matching Method Work?

You will need to enter at least a valid partial postal code

Your customers will need to enter their postal/zip codes in the widget to check if delivery is available

If the postal code exactly matches one of the postal codes/zip codes that you define in your delivery conditions setting, the customer will be able to proceed

If the postal code does not match any postal code/zip code that you set on your back end, the consumer will be unable to proceed further

How To Enable The Exact Postal Code Matching Method?

Step 1: At the DELIVERY LOCATION VALIDATOR section, tick to choose Postal code

Step 2: Click Exact postal code matching

Step 3: Fill in the blanks with valid postal codes. Click the Add button to insert them


Add postal codes one by one and double-check that they are precisely what you want your consumers to enter into the widget. If your customers' postal/ zip codes match one of the zip codes you add, then their location is valid.

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