Partial Postal Code Matching

Partial Postal Code Matching Method

Partial postal code matching method checks if the customer's location is eligible for delivery by checking partly the postal code/zip code that he put in the widget

This approach should be used if you deliver to a large number of eligible postal codes.

It saves you a lot of time since instead of inputting exactly each postal code one by one, you only enter some of the characters that must be matched and use an underscore "_" to denote the rest of the postal/zip codes.

How Does The Partial Postal Code Matching Method Work?

You will need to enter at least a valid partial postal code in the delivery conditions setting


The partial postal code matching method is not counteractive to the exact postal code one since its sole goal is to save merchants time by eliminating the need to manually enter different zip codes. Hence, you can use the method in order to check the exactly valid postal codes as well.

Your customers will need to enter their postal/zip codes in the widget to check if delivery is available

If the postal code that the customer input matches one of the partial postal codes that you set in your delivery conditions setting, the customer will be able to proceed


You set the valid partial postal code to 94_. Some valid postal codes is 94502, 94XJK, 94 7TV,...

You set the valid partial postal code to _76. Some valid postal codes is 50276, XJK76, 7TV 76,...

If the postal code does not match any part of the partial postal code/zip code that you set on your back end, the consumer will be unable to proceed further

How To Enable The Partial Postal Code Matching Method?

Step 1: At the DELIVERY LOCATION VALIDATOR section, tick to choose Postal code

Step 2: Click Partial postal code matching

Step 3: Fill in the blanks with the valid partial postal codes and exact postal codes (if you have). Click the Add button to insert them

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