Widget Appearance

This is where you configure the look and feel of your date picker & delivery validator widget
Editable formats available include:
  • Layout: 5 layouts to choose
  • Delivery time layout: 1 row or 2 rows
  • Button shape: Sharp, Rounded, Slightly rounded
  • First day of the calendar: Monday, Tuesday, ...
  • Date format: 25/08/2022; 08/25/2022; 25-08-22; Thu, 25 08, 22;...
  • Widget color: Flexible to pick your desired color for each component of the widget
Don't forget to check the widget preview to ensure that it is aligned with your online store
Please pay more attention to the Widget Colors where you can set your desired color for each component of the widget.
If you are not confident in your taste in design & matching color and are scared of getting your widget messed up, please apply the available widget color settings (Dawn, Ride, Crave,...) that are fixed to be aligned with your theme.
Reach out to us via the email [email protected] if you stumble upon something hard to solve. Any messages from you guys are greatly appreciated!