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About Omega

Omega team is proud to be one of the recognized technology companies with more than 7 years of expertise in developing Shopify apps.
With a team of highly technical developers and dedicated support staff, we are always attempting to work hard, handle requests fast and serve wholeheartedly to bring high levels of satisfaction to Shopify users.
Over the course of seven years of development, Omega has built 25 applications to service Shopify users in a variety of industries and purposes, ranging from tracking to shipping to product management. Here's where you can find us:
Any of your visits and support is great motivation for us to improve and develop further, providing effective technology solutions to help merchants build their businesses.
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About DingDoong

The app was initially released in 2018 on the Shopify store under the name "Order Delivery Date". It is designed to assist merchants in setting up their delivery or store pickup times and dates. The app helps merchants minimize abandoned carts and manage orders&products efficiently and economically.
We recognize that we are not perfect, we must constantly innovate and improve every day in order to optimize the app's features and give out the highest quality product to our valued merchants. After many years of research and development, our team is proud to release a new version of the app with the catchy "DingDoong" moniker and distinctive pink hue. We believe that it's worth a try!
What differentiates DingDoong from the previous version Order Delivery Date?
  • Enhance and simplify the user interface
  • Allow merchants to create custom delivery or store pickup rules for each product and location.
  • Provide orders with auto-date tags and a complete detailed report for better management
  • Use a simple rule calculation instead of the prior complicated one. Make sure the rules work well and reduce conflicts
What can we do for you with the app DingDoong?
  • Increase conversion rate through post-purchase experience
  • Manage order delivery and store pickup time effortlessly
  • Manage your supply chain effectively to save costs and minimize losses

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