Time Format & Limit Orders

Cut-off time

It is used to define what time you stop dispatching orders on the enabling day. The orders placed after that time would be processed on the next working day at the earliest.

E.g. Your cut-off time is 08:00 PM. If the customer placed an order at 06:00 PM on the 14th of May, and the minimum delivery date is on the 15th of May, he will receive the order soonest on the 15th of May. If the customer placed an order at 09:00 PM on the 14th of May, and the number of delay days is one, he will receive the order soonest on the 16th of May.

The cut-off time message is great for the customer experience. It informs him that if he orders before the cut-off time, his order will be delivered promptly, giving him more trust in your site and increasing the chance of a conversion.

Delay days

The number of days if you want to have more time for preparation, only apply for orders placed after the cut-off time.

Limit orders

Limit orders based on pickup slots (pickup & time), not by the date & time on which the orders were placed.

Depending on the limitation of your resources, this ensures you only promise to handle a certain number of orders per day/time slot.

Once you have reach the limit for that day, the day will be counted as a Blackout date (holiday) and will push the remaining prep time/delivery time forward.

If you have to handle too many order requests during your high peak time or high seasons like Christmas or Black Friday, limiting the number of deliveries per time slot is a good choice.

Time slots: Time slots when you are able to offer pickup. Decide your suitable intervals and the maximum number of orders for each of them.

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