Date picking is the fundamental of our app, so naturally it would be good if we explain the terminology and talk about how things work.
Number of preparation day: Amount of time in day needed to prepare. This is the idle time from the point of ordering to the first day of date/time selection
Delivery date range: The range of day customers can select their order date and time, which is also the days you can fulfill their order.
Blackout date: holiday period when you don't work. The app will disable selected dates and push the remaining preparation day(s)/delivery day(s) forward.
Working day: is defined as the day(s) within the week when you can fulfill customers' orders. You can to set up all 7 days of the week or selected ones only.
By default, non-working day will be counted toward your prep day. If you don't want to consider non-working day as your prep day, go to Settings/General and turn on "Do not include non-working day in prep day".