Enable DingDoong app in your Shipping zones

Before you enable DingDoong app in your Shipping zones

To utilize DingDoong for rate calculation, it's important to follow these steps to enable it within your Shipping zones. Please note that if you don't complete these steps, the rates you set up in the DingDoong app may not display correctly on the checkout page.

Here's a clear guide to get started:

Step 1: Go to Dashboard > Settings > Shipping & Delivery > Scroll down to the Shipping zone section > Create zones where your shipping is available (skip this step if you have set up your shipping zones)

Step 2: At each available shipping zone, click Add rate

Step 3: At the Add rate popup setting, click Use carrier or app to calculate rates, drop it down, and choose DingDoong service

Finally, save your settings. This will enable DingDoong for rate calculation.

After enable DingDoong app in your Shipping zones:

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