Export Order

Many merchants crack their brains to figure out the way to modify their order requests to make order management more convenient and time-consuming.
Understand our merchant's pain point, DingDoong has updated a new change, which facilitates merchants to download all their orders information in order to easily filter and handle them.
Step 1: Click the "Export Data" button and enter your email address to receive the file export
The file is sent via your email. Make sure to pick the time your orders available to export
Step 2: Check your email and download the file to your computer or mobile device, open and make any changes you want.
The file you download has a default template. Check it out below!
The file is named “order_report_created date range_dingdoong”
(Example: order_report_2022-06-01-2022-06-30_dingdoong)
If you get a large number of orders split among several files. The exported file is given in Zip format. To view all of your excel files, just unzip the file
A notable feature must be considered. In addition to the basic order information fields provided in the Order report tab, the app also links with Shopify orders to get further information. You just need one default file to receive all order information from OrderNo, Product Name, Product SKU, Shipping name, Shipping Phone,.... to Order status, Payment method, and Delivery date.
Filter required information as you see fit
Reach out to us via the email [email protected] if you stumble upon something hard to solve. Any messages from you are greatly appreciated!