Customers' flow

Your customers get a friendly experience with simple steps:
1. Create a group order
A group order is created with a custom name, either at the beginning of shopping when a store is chosen or at check out. A link will be created to invite people. The one who created the group order is the owner of the cart.
2. Send invitations to friends
The link is sent to the people whom the owner wishes to invite. Their friends enter their names and start shopping without login
3. Add items to the cart
Both the owner and their friends can add items to the cart. The owner can see who’s adding what and at what price.
4. Review the cart
Everyone finishes their shopping and finalizes their decisions. The group’s owner reviews the cart, decides which one they’re willing to pay for, and edits the final cart. He is the only person who has control of all the invitees’ orders
5. Pick delivery date & time (optional)
The host consults his invitees to make the final decision on their preferred delivery date and time.
6. Payment
The owner of the group pays for everything in the cart, either theirs or their friends'. Their friends pay the owner their due personally.
7. Shipment
The cart is shipped to the owner’s chosen address.
Reach out to us via the email [email protected] if you stumble upon something hard to solve. Any messages from you are greatly appreciated!