Specific Activation (mostly for unique products)
You can apply the general rules to some products AND some specific rules for certain products
Unless your business is a one-product store, you might sometimes need to activate different local delivery rules for different products.
By default, the umbrella rules you set for date and time will apply to what you define in “General Product Selection”. However, you can always choose to define different rules for some specific products.
E.g. Your bakery only offers local delivery for cakes without ice cream on top and customers can pick between 2 days. You will apply a general rule for those collections. For some specialties that have ice cream, you can only deliver them on the same day because you don’t have the capacity to preserve them for longer. This is when you need to tailor the rules for the odd ones out.

How to tailor the rules for specific products?

Step 1: Go to the "Specific production selection" section and add a product or a set of products for which you wish to apply certain rules.
Step 2: You might add single products or entire collections:
Step 3: Configure the delivery preparation time and delivery time range
Preparation days: the number of working days you need to get an order ready for shipment. Consider extra time if your product is not available.
Delivery date range: A date range available for customers to pick when to receive the order. Consider an acceptable date range to ensure that your product is ready for delivery and remains usable.
You may edit the above-set certain rules or remove the selected products from them
If one specific product is activated by both general rules + specific rules (because you add it to both), the app will prioritize the specific rules for this specific product and discard the general rules for it.
The app will be disabled for the products which are set "Exclude" in General Rules and are not set any Specific Rules at the same time
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