Set product-specific preparation time

Set product-specific preparation time

Step 1: Go to the Product Override section and choose Override preparation/delivery days

Step 2: Choose the products you want to apply for the override preparation/delivery days rule

Step 3: Configure the delivery preparation time, delivery date range

Preparation days: the number of working days you need to get an order ready for shipment. Consider extra time if your product is not available.

Delivery date range: A date range available for customers to pick when to receive the order. Consider an acceptable date range to ensure that your product is ready for delivery and remains usable.

If one specific product is activated by both general rules + specific rules (because you add it to both), the app will prioritize the specific rules for this specific product and discard the general rules for it.

Let's take a specific example with a cake product:

Suppose there is a general rule that states the standard preparation time for all products is 1 day, and the delivery date range is 5 days.

Now, there is a specific rule for the cake product that requires a longer preparation time of 2 days and must be delivered within 3 days.

If the cake product is activated by both the general and specific rules, the app will prioritize the specific rule for the cake. This means the cake will have a preparation time of 2 days and be delivered within 3 days, overriding the general rules.

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