Preparation Time & Delivery Date Range

Configure Delivery Preparation Time

Don’t over-promise: Whatever date your customers want to receive their orders on, there is a start date. Calculate carefully so you only allow local delivery from the moment the product becomes available.

Here’s how to ensure you give yourself enough preparation time:

  • Think to yourself how many working days you need to get an order ready from the moment it is placed.

  • Take into account some extra time if you source your products from elsewhere far away.

Once you figure that out, put the number of preparation days on to this box.

Configure Delivery Date Range

Give customers choices: People different plans sometimes don’t match with one another. That’s why you probably want to give them a date range to pick when to receive the order.

Here’s what to take into account before you come up with a date range:

  • Your delivery team/operation resource and when they’re available to deliver the product

  • The maximum number of days the products will remain usable. You don’t want your cake or fish to rot while waiting to be delivered right?

  • Your business’s unique setting

  • The chances of closing more deals if you extend or shrink the date range available

Once you’ve got yourself a ballpark figure, just put that in this box:

This will apply to all products unless you specify otherwise.

Explanation Sample

Examine the following sample to know how to calculate the delivery date:

If the customer places an order today, August 14

The number of preparation days is 1

The delivery date range is 3

β†’ Date range available for delivery is 15, 16, 17 (3 days) because today is counted as a preparation day.

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