Sell regardless of stock count (Pending)

Why selling regardless of stock count?

If you know that you can rotate your inventory much faster than you're selling, this feature can be useful.
If you don't want to miss out on new orders and know that you can commit more than you currently have, this feature can be useful.
If you simply want to allow selling regardless of stock count for all products without having to edit each and every products in Shopify admin, this feature can be incredibly useful.

What would happen if you don't sell regardless of stock count?

We will block date picking and checkout per usual!
Normally, if there is 1 item in that cart that's out of stock at that specific location, we will disable date picking and check out and display an out-of-stock message.
The out-of-stock message for shipping, delivery and pickup are different by default, and include a variable {product_name} which will display the specific product or products that are out of stock.

What will happen when you turn it on?

Once turned on, the app will always allow date picker and checkout for every product, regardless of location or stock count.
The order's timing, along with the location will still be attached to the order and appear on order report.