🚜Inventory Control (pending)

Having 1 Shopify location as the source location and multiple points of sales means you have to distribute stock count.

Stock allocation table

Stock allocation table or Inventory control table should have 6 columns: 5 visible and fixed columns and the last one hidden and changes per the location selected.

The meaning of each columns are as followed:

  • Product name: Product name.

  • Variant: Variant of the product. Each row is a variant, and once hovered, you can see the picture of the product/variant.

  • Quantity: The number of available stock for that variant. Note that this number is taken from Shopify. Example: Shopify location A has 100 available stock of that variant, the number in this column will be 100.

  • Distributed: the total number of stock of that variant which has been allocated to all locations, including the one being selected.

  • Undistributed: (Quantity - Distributed), the number of stock left and haven't been allocated to any other locations.

  • Location's column: this is where the stock moving happens. You can see the number of stock which the warehouse can commit to that location. The default value is 0, and once hover over, you can see the edit icon, and edit the number using the text field. Any editing in this column will change the number in the Distributed and Undistributed column.

Due to the fact that stock count can change constantly, we have also provided a refresh button so you can update the latest stock count

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